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BOTOX ® Cosmetic and Dysport

What are BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport?

BOTOX ® Cosmetic and Dysport are purified botulinum toxin, type A (BTA)

When small amounts of BTA are properly injected into the facial muscles, something amazing starts to happen. Muscluar contraction that causes wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and all around the eyes start to relax and wrinkles start to vanish. Results are noticeable in 3-7 days with the maximum effect noted at 2 weeks. Results typically last for 4-5 months. The most common side effects include mild discomfort at the injection site and possible bruising.



How Does Botox Cosmetic and Dysport Work?

Botulinum toxin, type A works by blocking the release of acetylcholine from nerve endings. This neurotransmitter normally causes the adjacent muscle to contract. By blocking its release, physicans are able to relax these muscles and soften or erase wrinkles. Over time, your body will breakdown and eliminate the medication allowing the wrinkles to return to their original appearance. Retreatment with BTA can done to maintain your youthful appearance when necessary.

Can Men Get BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport?

The number of men seeking Botox and Dysport has increased 310% since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a similar boom is happening with other noninvasive procedures like dermal fillers and laser treatments. Combine the availability of easy outpatient treatments with wider cultural acceptance and an increased emphasis on the value of youth in the workforce and what you’ve got is the makings of a mini-revolution. In some circles, it’s being called BROTOX!


Why Choose an Ophthalmologist for Your Injections?

Ophthalmologists were the first doctors in ANY field of medicine to use botulinum toxin A (not dermatologists and not plastic surgeons). Botulinum toxin A was originally called “Oculinum” and it was ushered into use by a San Francisco ophthalmologist named Alan Scott in the late 1970’s. He obtained the first FDA-approval for treating the overacting muscles causing crossed eyes in children and then it was secondarily FDA-approved for use on severe eyelid spasms (a condition called blepharospasm). It wasn’t until a Canadian ophthalmologist named Jean Carruthers noted that her patients’ wrinkles were melting away that cosmetic uses were considered. In 1992, she wrote a paper with her husband, a dermatologist, that led to massive orders of “Oculinum” from Dr. Scott’s company. He could not keep up with production and there was a shortage of “Oculinum” in the early 1990’s. Allergan, one of the world’s largest eye care companies stepped in and purchased the company from Dr. Scott. They renamed the product BOTOX and rest is history! 

Points to Consider

  • All treatments at the San Antonio Eye Institute are performed by our Board-Certified, Harvard-Fellowship-trainined Eye Surgeon. We never shuffle you off to an assistant.
  • Consultations are FREE and there is no pressure or obligation to buy anything. We offer all treated patients a 2 week follow-up at no cost.
  • We only use BOTOX ® Cosmetic from Allergan, Inc or Dysport from Galderma Laboratories, L.P. Unlike some clinics, we do not dilute the medications or purchase them from foreign countries.
  • We’ll never attempt to sign you up for “pre-paid, V.I.P. BOTOX ®/Fillers Clubs” that charge you astronomical prices for product you’ll never use.
  • We continue to offer some of the most competitive prices for facial aesthetics in Texas. Sign-up for our Aesthetics E-mailing list to receive periodic discounts and specials.


Who Should Not Be Treated

  • In the presence of infection at the proposed injection site(s)
  • In individuals with known hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the formulation or albumin (egg whites)
  • In patients with neuromuscular disorders such as ALS, myasthenia gravis or Lambert-Eaton syndrome
  • Pregnant women or women who are nursing a child